Kobayaashi Studios (an ever-changing rag-tag band of creatives and misfits, headed up by Jai Kobayaashi Gomer) has been involved in publishing a range of creative content since the early 2010s, from the launch of 'Kobayaashi Times' - a puzzle magazine featuring a large range of puzzles unique to KS - to the serialised photo-graphic novel 'Scruff City'. In between puzzling & photographic artwork, we've also created and had performed a number of children's musicals ('Rats Upon A Time', 'The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever' and 'One Of Our Dwarves Is Missing') as the Radical Arts Theatre School.

Since 2011, we've been creating & selling puzzles ('Suko', 'Sujiko' & 'Master Sujiko' - ©® Kobayaashi Studios) through Puzzler Media Ltd to titles such as the Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Sun in the UK, the Wall Street Journal in the US, and other newspaper and magazine titles around the world.

During 2020/21, we concentrated our energies on establishing KS as an independent publisher.

Kobayaashi Studios is not your regular, run-of-the-mill publishers. We're not aiming to be 'Big on Amazon', or to cram stock into every chain bookshop we can. We're not after market saturation or shareholder profits. Instead, our aim is not only to aid authors in their bid to tell their stories to the world, but also to empower them by encouraging and developing a more co-operative approach to the marketing and selling of their books.

When we publish a title, rather than print a run of 10K paperback books which, if not sold would become pulp (or worse, discount stock in a 99p store, quite possibly diminishing the book AND the blood, sweat & tears poured into its creation by the author) we print short runs, and sell them exclusively through this site. The authors of those books will be able, by using discount codes unique to them, to be in control of additional marketing of their own titles, and to sell directly from our site, meaning they have no outlay but can earn a decent percentage (40%) from every book and eBook sold from the site using their code. Authors will also be able to buy physical copies of their books at wholesale rates (at the average wholesale rate of 40% discount so, for example, a book retailing at £9.99 can be purchased by the author for £6 +p&p), should they want them for readings, to sell at events, sell through their local independent bookshops, etc.

Authors will not be required to be under exclusive contract with KS, which means they'll be free to accept any and all offers which head their way.

We are NOT a 'vanity publisher'. We take no money from authors, and we don't publish on demand. Just like any other publisher, we seek out talent, and do all we can to help them get their stories told through quality printed books and/or eBooks, but we do it in a way which seems fair to ourselves and to the authors.