Kobayaashi Studios will be open again very soon for submissions. In the meantime, if you'd like to let us know what you're working on, ready for when we're next on the hunt for authors & titles, feel free to get in touch. :)


From One Line#FromOneLine is a creative (writing) prompt started back in 2019 by megwaf on Twitter, where a single line is given as a prompt and writers are invited to take the line and run with it. The variety and diversity of writing that comes back from just one line is astounding (for a list of all previous prompt lines, click here).

In 2021 #FromOneLine is thriving and there is just so much talented writing being shared, all of which deserves to linger longer than a tweet or a moment. These words deserve time to be savoured and returned to at leisure - and so we've decided to publish a selection of them in a #FromOneLine Anthology, although such is the sheer volume of writing already that we will publishing more than just the one Anthology.

We will not be publishing ALL of the tweets : not all writers involved in the #FromOneLine prompt necessarily wish to be published in a book; and because of the volume of writing being created as part of FromOneLine we will not physically have space for ALL of the submissions, however incredible they are.

Submissions are now closed for this particular anthology. Thank you to all who took part.


Submissions Terms & Conditions.

To be considered for inclusion you must use the submission form above (should you encounter any problems with the submission form please email : for assistance).

Submission does not automatically mean inclusion. We would love to include ALL the submissions, but we will be limited to space. All submissions will be read and considered.

The copyright of all writings will remain with their individual author/s. Authors will not be required to be under exclusive contract with Kobayaashi Studios, which means they'll be free to accept any and all offers which head their way. They are also, of course, free to publish their own writings on their own websites, blogs, social media platforms etc...

Authors give Kobayaashi Studios permission to use writings submitted, and to reproduce and publish said writings in digital, print and audio format.

There is no fee to submit your writing for the #FromOneLine Anthologies, but as a small press, we are not able to give payment for the writings received. We will offer discounted prices for Authors to purchase their books (at the average wholesale rate of 40% discount so, for example, a book retailing at £9.99 can be purchased by the author for £6 +p&p), so that they can sell them on for a small profit, or just enjoy gifting their books at an affordable price. Any profits will be ploughed back into the next publishing project, to ensure we can keep spreading words and empowering authors.

Books will be published both in Paperback and eBook format. They may also be published as Audio Books.

A proof-copy of the eBook format will be sent to all authors involved in the book prior to the paperback books being printed. Authors are asked to proof-read their own writings and declare any errors within the requested time. Authors will be responsible for their own proof-reading.

A copy of every title published by Kobayaashi Studios is sent to The British Library. (Not technically a terms and conditions thing, we just thought you might like to know!)