Sujiko is back, with a whole new set of puzzles to confound your mind!






A fresh new bunch of puzzles for Suko to tease your brain!






Both Suko and Sujiko are now available in a range of languages and scripts, including Arabic.






A first outing for LoKo, another original puzzle from Kobayaashi Studios. Can you create a single circuit, with your path limited by the nodes?






Make sure your Bubbles don't hit any of the other Bubblz!






For those of you who like a little colour with their brain-freeze, why not try Sujiko Play?






Can you guide your player safely down to the finish line without running out of time or falling into the Dead Drop?






The 80s are back (again!) with Hot Spots, a retro-feel game of dexterity and speed. Simple. Fun. Addictive...





A welcome return to the Apple App Store for Sujiko. This little puzzle packs a mean mental punch!






A second outing to the Apple App Store for Suko. So much puzzling fun in so little space!


It's the first time on the Apple App Store for Dottoko, a gentle puzzle for the whole family...


The latest offering from Kobayaashi Studios, TANKO is designed to make your brain bleed! Available now...







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